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Meet Our Mentors: Dr. Mary A. Opiyo

Mary Opiyo
Dr. Mary A. Opiyo

Dr. Mary Opiyo is an Aquaculture Research Scientist at Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute – Sagana Centre, Kenya.  Her every day work involves working in sustainable aquaculture projects dealing with broodstock development, seed production (Monosex tilapia and African Catfish), fish health management and fish nutrition.  She has 10 years of research experience, and project coordination in the freshwater aquaculture. She recently finalized her PhD in Fisheries Science from Kenyatta University and her thesis focused on the use of dietary probiotics in enhancing growth and immunity of Nile tilapia cultured in low input ponds. She came about this topic after several studies previously done indicated presence of pathogenic bacteria in low input ponds. Her PhD study gives solutions to production of safe and quality fish from low input ponds by smallholder farmers in rural areas because of high cost of feeds. Dr. Opiyo would like to encourage upcoming scientists/ PhD students, saying that with passion they can pursue their career/academic goal.  A PhD program requires a lot of time dedicated for research, which needs patience to get reliable results. Constant consultations with supervisors help a lot in project design and progression in data collection. Additionally, consultations with experts in the field help get ideas on carrying out laboratory work and data analysis leading to a smooth PhD journey.

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