MTAWA Holds Successful Meeting in Atlanta, GA

State of the Network 1

Prof. Margaret Gitau (Purdue University and MTAWA) gave an update on the state of the Network. (Network Update)


Dr. Margaret Okomo-Adhiambo (CDC and MTAWA) led a combined breakout session on early career challenges and opportunities and the importance of mentoring. (Breakout Session 1A, B)


Dr. Elizabeth Quansah (Auburn University) gave an inspiring keynote address, sharing her professional journey and providing insights into the challenges and opportunities for African women in academia. (MTAWA Meeting Keynote Presentation)


Prof. Clare Muhoro (Towson University and MTAWA) gave a workshop on negotiation covering key strategies including identifying negotiables and setting your BATNA and ZOPA. (Materials only available to meeting participants.)

ATL Tour 1a

Prof. Margaret Gitau led a group mentoring session focused on challenges and opportunities for African women in academia. (See Meeting Report for Notes.)

ATL Tour 1a_O

Dr. Maryann Chege (Floyd Medical Center and MTAWA) hosted a tour of Atlanta for interested participants.

Meeting Report: Meeting Report
Resources and links: (Purdue University) (University of Michigan) (University of British Columbia) (Purdue University, For Mentors).


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